Cohen​'s of Alma

Our History

Watson and Sherlock Cohen

Jerald and Carole Cohen in 2016

Mr. Jerald Cohen and Sons

Reece - Scott - Lee - Mark

It all started 96 years ago, with a Belgium horse named “Babe”, a special wagon, and Nathan Cohen. Nathan was born in Poland, but at the age of 13 he traveled to America all alone. He went to school in Nicholls, Georgia but soon decided that in order to bring his mother and sister to the country he needed money. He worked as a peddler throughout the surrounding counties and soon he was known and liked by the communities.

In 1924 Cohen purchased what was known at the time as  Sandy Mercer's Store. On April 4, 1924, the grand opening for Cohen’s was held in Alma, Georgia. 

In 1952 Nathan and Becky Cohen's son Jerald returned from the military and began working with his father.  Thus began the 2nd generation of family working for Cohen's of Alma.  

In 1985 Jerald turned over the reigns to the oldest of his and Carole's four sons, Mark.

Mark, his wife Laure, and an enthusiastic staff, have Cohen's of Alma positioned as the premiere clothing store in Southeast Georgia.

For three generations the Cohen family has served the wonderful people of this area.  We have been blessed with loving and loyal employees, each bringing their own touch and charisma to our organization. We have remodeled as needed and much has changed. What hasn't changed is our love for this part of the country and the people that inhabit it. We embrace our past while looking forward to an even brighter future.

Mark and Laure Cohen

Love Those Dawgs

Three Generations of the Cohen Family

Nathan and Becky Cohen